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NK Interval® 2000 Split/Rate Watch Blå

Split och frekvens samtidigt!

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Produktnr: NK2000-B
2 099 SEK
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4 i lager
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The Interval 2000 is the ideal tool for the busy coach involved in any sport where timing and split times are important and has the added feature of stroke rates for rowing, swimming, kayaking etc. It can store 2000 splits/rates in its multi-event memory, take rates without changing modes, and has a convenient backlit display for twilight or dark outings. It is completely waterproof and will also float!
Create up to 675 separate "segments" (races) to contain splits and rates which are automatically identified by the date and time taken. Using the optional interface and "Watchware" software, the contents of the memory can be uploaded to your computer for sorting, review and printing. By entering a known split distance, e.g. 250m, the software will calculate speed and distance per stroke for each split. Couple this with an athlete roster and attach notes and descriptions of weather conditions for instance, it makes the Interval 2000 a truly versatile instrument that no coach should be without.
Features and Specifications:
Stores 2000 Splits and Rates in memory
•Display, store and recall lap AND cumulative splits.
•Store stroke rates in memory with the time taken.
•Recall on the fly (most recent split first) or with watch stopped.
•Recall best and average splits.
Save multiple races, pieces or workouts
•Press the "next segment" button to instantly store splits from another race or piece in memory (store up to 675 segments).
•Stored segments are identified by date and time.
Take and Store Stroke Rates
•Take stroke rates without changing modes.
•View stroke rates and splits at the same time.
•Count 1,2 or 3 strokes, strides or cycles.
•View cycles per minute (1/2 stroke resolution) OR seconds per cycle (1/100th sec. resolution).
•Store all rates or selected rates.
Upload memory data to your computer (additional product)
•Interface plugs into serial port.
•Watch drops onto interface and communicates optically.
•Display backlight automatically activates with every button press in low light.
•Button feedback confirms actions (tactile click plus beep for data storage and clearing).
•Built in clock and calendar.
•Batteries provide 300+ hours of watch use. Backlight runs on separate battery. CR2032 watch cells are inexpensive,widely available and easy to install.
•Protective rubber cover adds grip, comfort and shock resistance and comes in a range of colours.
•Waterproof and floats.
•Full one-year warranty plus 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee. Factory service for life.
Organise Watch Data with Interval WatchWare for Windows
•Control data transfer from interval watch.
•Sort, review, print and export data (text file).
•Maintain athlete roster and assign split times and rates to athletes.
•Calculate splits for multiple athletes or crews timed in one set or race.
•Attach notes and comments to athlete names, segment categories and descriptions, splits and rates.
•Enter a known split distance to automatically calculate speed and distance per stroke.
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